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For City of Compton

United Hands

The United Hands Multi-Purpose Center non-profit was established to inspire hope and assure that the basic needs are met for low-income families in the City of Compton and surrounding areas. United Hands was established in 2017 by community activist Martha Barajas after serving several years as a volunteer working a variety of community service projects to help the under-served Compton residents. Mrs. Barajas with her organized team of concerned citizens gained a local reputation across the years for hosting numerous free food and clothing and holiday giveaways that resulted in thousands of residents in need receiving help and support.

When obtaining clean water became impossible in a specific area of the city of Compton, this also became a mission for United Hands Multi-purpose Center, one for equitable access to clean water and serving as a voice and a face for those who weren't being heard.

For City of Compton


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Our Vision

To better the lives and opportunities of the under-privileged residents of Compton and other disadvantaged areas so that these families are able to thrive in their communities.

Our Mission

To inspire hope, provide resources and assure the basic needs of the low-income families of Compton and surrounding areas are met.

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