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Welcome to MISLA — We believe in less talk... more training!

MISLA, or Made In South LA, is a south los angeles coding bootcamp, originally started in 2014 in South Central Los Angeles by a team of tech & business savvy South LA residents.
In a part of town known as “Murderer’s Alley”, MISLA set out to reinvent and redefine the very infrastructure of South LA, hoping to one day be known as “Tech Alley” or "Silicon South". MISLA believes that comprehensive training in web design, software programming and other forms of digital literacy are essential to the survival of our community and the most competent way of solving the diversity in tech deficit. At MISLA, underrepresented minorities & low-income individuals from South LA receive scholarships to train as a programmers & engineers.
We are dedicated to increasing diversity in tech as well as providing economic growth within the community of South LA by empowering local startups as well as existing businesses to grow their digital presence. As a project of VSEDC (Vermont Slauson Economic Development Corporation), we have 501C3 non-profit status. We are able to award partial and full scholarships to lower income individuals with priority going to businesses of South LA. Please apply here for partial or full scholarship opportunities. Please note… Space is limited. We cannot guarantee your seat in the Bootcamp until your application is approved. Not everyone is approved. Register now to reserve your seat. We suggest you bring your own laptop but if you do not have one, one can be provided for you.
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Cassie Betts
Founder, MISLA